Knauf Drywall


Pack of gypsum drywall
This is the Knauf Drywall plasterboard, it’s standard size: 12,5 mm x 2500 mm x 1200 mm.
The best ratio for price and quality!

It is purposed for «dry» lining of horizontal, vertical, inclined surfaces (except floor) in rooms with normal humidity, and for creating decorative design elements. Drywall is able to maintain a healthy climate, due to absorbing water vapor in it’s excess, and paying in it’s shortage.
Plasterboard wall is an universal base suitable for these types of finishing such as the grout, painting, pasting wallpaper, application of decorative plasters. Easy installation on metal or wooden carcass, light weight of single sheet, affordable price of drywall are the basis of your economical repair!

Dimensions (length, width, thickness): 2500 mm x 1200 mm x 12.5 mm;
Weight per sheet: 28.25 kg;
Number of sheets per pack: 52 pieces;
Tare Weight: 1469 kg;
Leaf area: 3 sq. m;
Square sheets / pack: 156 sq ft;

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